Magnet Separator-series


  • Fine contaminants mixed in fluid cohere and settle while flowing through our unique active magnetic field.
  • It functions semi permanently, and therefore zero running cost.
  • Maintenance Free for a long time.
  • Suitable for both water soluble and oil based fluid.

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Model MGR200 MGD100 MGB110 MGB160 MGB210 MGB260 MGA
Article nr. 23500 23520 23530 23531 23533 23532 23540
Materials Surface and side: SUS304 Bottom: Epoxy resin Built in magnet: Strontium ferrite Bolt: SCM3
200x140x40 100x100 x30 110x61x27 160x61x27 210x61x27 260x61x27 54xH20
Weight: kg 3.8 1.2 0.7 1.0 1.6 1.7 0.2
Tank capacity 100~150L 70~90L 30~40L 40~50L 50~60L 60~70L 20~30L
Temp limit 80°C 80°C 80°C 80°C 80°C 80°C 80°C

Accessory : Holder
SUS case

Holder for easy handling &removing, and SUS case for easy cleaning.

Please do not put it on the vicinity of the return piping and the suction piping.
Please set it up in the vicinity of the position of the middle of the passage.

Order-made Magnet barrier systems suitable to your coolant tank capacity!

Magnet barrier systems
[ Layout Example: MGB210 & MGD100 combination fixed at the bottom of the tank ]

* Components

MGB210, SUS case

MGD100, SUS case

SUS Stand

Applications: Surface Grinders, Cylindrical Grinders, Form Rolling machines, Shaving, etc.


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